....."I first encountered Susan Walton and her music at a local troubadour contest in Montrose. She was the first to perform, and quickly set the bar high for all that followed. She performed this playful little song called "Dog Days Of Summer" that commanded a smile even from the most serious face in the crowd. Needless to say she won. She states that she's new to this whole music thing. I quickly realized she meant the business part of it, for you can tell from the first note uttered, she's been singing all of her life. The quality of her voice and the subtle inflections in her phrasing are as comfortable to the ear as a good pair of broken-in house shoes are to the feet on a cold winters morning.

.....Her self-released debut "January Trees" will give you a sense of invitation from the get-go. "Desert Gem" is a great introduction, not only to Susan, but equally to her supporting musicians, some of which back her regularly live as 3 AM. Dave and Zoe Werden are multi-instumentalists that are equally adept in solos and space. The grace and mutual sympathy for each other's parts musically tells one all they need to know about their individual musical backgrounds, and it boils down to one word...seasoned...as are the rest of the performers on the record. Artfully produced, "January Trees" is one of those records you'll take with you to a friends house to brag about...the perfect companion to the first cup of coffee poured on a Sunday morning...the undiscovered gem that musicians talk about amongst themselves, admiring the technique and emotion they wish they could pull out of their own records. That's how it starts, and it's truly just the beginning for Walton and her comrades. Seek out Susan Walton and 3 AM live, and bring extra cash for 2 copies of the disc...you'll wear out the first one."

–Neil Kelly
Music Director - Cherry Creek Radio Montrose

..... “January Trees, the debut CD from Susan Walton, portrays a singer songwriter in full bloom. Growing from a folky cover artist to an experienced performer of original material Susan proves she’s a talent on the rise. Her music, ranging from those folk roots to a jazzy rock, weaves island breezes into her memorable melodies. With a smooth voice that recalls classic singers like Carly Simon or Catie Curtis, Susan surrounds her lyrics in a most captivation and satisfying manner. Backed by an outstanding group of Western Colorado musicians on January Trees, her songs demand your attention. Susan Walton is an artist you don’t want to miss.”

–Dave Bowman
Blue Sky Music and DJ at KVNF Paonia, Co

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