Singer songwriter, Susan Walton has traveled down a curvy path to get to the June 2012 debut of her CD January Trees. Her early years were rich with music as she hummed tunes before speaking words and then began putting words to melodies to create songs before she was ten. She was one of five children and singing and playing her guitar was a way of finding peace and self- expression. She has always been a performer. In High School she put together a band that won first place at Cal State Long Beach University’s Guitar and Banjo Festival.

In the early 1980’s Susan found herself in the ski town of Crested Butte, Colorado where she enjoyed several carefree years, working with several musicians and bands and performing in local venues. She was influenced by several artists; Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Janice Joplin, and Bonnie Raitt to name a few. She became known as a strong vocalist with a rich and natural sound similar to Carly Simon, Rikki Lee Jones, and Natalie Merchant, able to cover folk, rock and blues tunes.

In the early 1990’s Susan’s life took a sharp turn as she decided to pursue an education to become a licensed Physical Therapist. Although her primary course work was in biology, anatomy and physiology she completed a minor in music at Western State College in Gunnison, CO.

In 2005 Susan began to perform music again in Western Colorado. A year later, after the passing of her mother and brother, she became even more passionate about re-connecting with her love of playing and writing songs. She joined NSAI and SongU and began to hone in on her craft. She gave herself a goal to write a song a month. These are the songs, joined by a few from her distant past and two cover songs from friends of hers, that are performed on January Trees. These songs were inspired by the Colorado landscape, the Sonoran Desert, personal relationships and her dogs. On the song My Bungalow, she actually co-wrote with words written by her Great Grandfather in the year 1911.

Susan loves her Western Colorado home and wanted her first recording project to utilize local talent. Therefore, she chose to record, January Trees, at Aspen Leaf Recording in Grand Junction, Co., Ken Dravis, owner, engineer, and producer. She was pleased to have several Western Colorado musicians (Dave Werden, Zoe Werden, David Alderdice, Kurt Isgreen, Randy Utterback, Danielle Dyer, Emily Erkman, Barb Bernhardt and (Troy Engle from Nashville)) add their talents to her songs and to have artist Brett Pfister from The Canyon Gallery in Montrose, CO design the photography and graphics for the cover art.

Susan lives in Montrose, Co with her husband, two dogs and three cats. She currently performs her music with the trio, 3AM (three ageless minds), which includes herself, Dave Werden and Zoe Werden. They enjoy a growing fan base in Western Colorado while playing in local venues, street events, and festivals.

Please join Susan and her Special Guests (Dave and Zoe Werden, David Alderdice, Kurt Isgreen, Barb Bernhardt and Chris Tarman) at The Clubhouse at Cobble Creek, 699 Cobble Creek Dr., Montrose, Co., on Sat. June 16, 2012 at 7:00pm to help her celebrate the release of her debut CD, January Trees.

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